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Escenas y Diálogos (45): P.S. I Still Love You

Sección que creó el blog Paradise Of Words, que consiste en escribir las escenas y diálogos que te gustaron de un libro que leíste.      
 * Esta sección puede tener spoilers *

 You can't be close to someone, not truly, with secrets in between you.
 “Youth is truly wasted on the young.” She frowns.
 “There's a purpose now,” he pouts. “The purpose is I'm bored and I feel like kissing you. Is that a crime?”
 I can see now that it's the little things, the small efforts, that keep a relationship going. And I know now too that in some small measure I have the power to hurt him and also the power to make it better.
 Like, why do I speak? Why did God give me a mouth if I'm just going to say dumb stuff with it?
 Kitty lets out a defeated little sigh. “Why can't things just stay the same as before?”
 “Then nothing would ever change and you wouldn't grow up; you would have stayed nine forever and never had turned ten.”
 And then John Ambrose McClaren says one last thing, a thing that makes my heart swell. “I don't think it was our time then. I guess it isn't now, either.” John looks over at me, his gaze steady. “But one day maybe it will be.”
 His heart is mine, just mine. I believe it now. Mine to protect and care for, mine to break.

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  1. La primera parte me encantó así que estoy deseando leer este. Un besote :)