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Escenas & Diálogos (37): The Distance Between Us

Sección que creó el blog Paradise Of Words, que consiste en escribir las escenas y diálogos que te gustaron de un libro que leíste.      
 * Esta sección puede tener spoilers *

 He offers me his first smile of the day, and I'm suddenly glad he keeps that thing put away.
 “Sometimes I just feel older than I am, that's all.”
 “Me, too. But that's why we're doing this, right? To have fun. To stop worrying about what's expected of us and try to find out what we want for ourselves?”
 I nod.
 “Is there anything you're afraid of?”
 “Sometimes it's hard for me to start something because I'd rather not try at all than fail at it.”
 He throws me his smile. I swear the thing could end wars.
 He smiles at me on the way back to his seat, and I'm mad that my heart hasn't gotten the update yet about his girlfriend because his smile stills sends it racing.
 It's weird to see something created from nothing. I think about myself and how Xander is trying to create something out of my nothing life.
 “You'll always be different.” You'll always be amazing. Why is it still so hard to say that last sentence out loud?
 “This is like the calm after the storm. Everything has settled, and even though it left destruction in its wake, you know the worst is over.”

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  1. Hola. No he mirado mucho por los spoilers, es un libro que ya conocía y que además quiero leer. Un beso