sábado, 25 de abril de 2015

Escenas y Diálogos (23): Doctor Mars

Sección que creó el blog Paradise Of Words, que consiste en escribir las escenas y diálogos que te gustaron de un libro que leíste.      
 * Esta sección puede tener spoilers *

  “And one more thing Detective Muir,” Liberty said.
  “Don't call me Lib.”
 Muir finished his cigarette and flicked it, while two female students walking by on the sidewalk looked at him in horror. Yep. I feel the same way girls, Liberty thought. And worse, I have to work with this asshole.
 But her eyes, they held a certain strength her male counterpart lacked. Was it her mutant ability that made her stronger, or something else? Something he couldn't see.
  “What happened to not showing public displays of affection?”
 He checked his handgun and smiled at her. “I decided to make this one exception.”
 She felt his consciousness pushing her out of his mind. He was strong, and so was she.
 It was Slow Fly. “What do you want, Riggins?”
  “Only to tell you that winning one battle doesn't mean you've captured the war. I'm not done woth you yet, Rise. Just wait, I'll be back on Mars soon, and this time you'll wish you died in that laboratory alongside your man.”

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  1. Hola! No conocía el libro pero tampoco me llama mucho la atención. He buscado sobre él y no me llama. Un beso.